Product Detail

Root Blower

Rotor of blower is made of ductile iron (GGG50) and has 3 lobes. It has helical timing gears which is made of hardened steel 17CrNiMo6. Blower is lubricated with splashing and its sealing is provided with labyrinth type rings.


Blower kit is consisting of blower, suction filter and silencer, exhaust, non-return valve, pressure or vacuum relief valve, beltpulley system and its guard, anti-vibration mounts, manometer, filter level indicator, chassis and first fill oil.


Some Applications for H Series Blower – Pneumatic transport of granular materials with dilute phase (pressure and vacuum) – Water treatment procedure at treatment plants (pressure) – Pool ventilation in fish farms (pressure) – Central dust


Operation Specification :


1. Power(Output): 15HP~60HP
2. Max.Pressure : 1000 MMAq

3. Max. Capacity:  7752 M³/Hr